Saturday, 17 March 2012

Johannes Hoffmeister (1907-55), a Hegel Scholar in Paris

This post reviews a book (not the above) on Friedrich Hölderlin edited by German Hegel scholar Johannes Hoffmeister and published in Paris in 1943 when Hoffmeister was teaching German literature there, with contributions from a range of German and French scholars, including Maurice Boucher and Martin Heidegger.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Autobiographical sketch by Hegel from 1804

The following autobiographical sketch is from Johannes Hoffmeister’s edition of Hegel’s correspondence. I have never seen this in English, despite its interest. Hoffmeister thinks the original was probably attached to a letter to Goethe in September 1804:

Friday, 9 March 2012

Our review of a biography of Alexandre Kojève

This is a review of Marco Filoni's The Sunday Philosopher, the most recent biography of French Hegel scholar Alexandre Kojève (1902-68), which supplements the work of Dominique Auffret on the same subject. The review was originally posted on the email list in 2011:

Our review of a biography of Jacques D'Hondt

This post is a review of Fiorinda Li Vigni's recent biography of the French Hegel scholar Jacques D'Hondt, originally posted on the discussion list, where it gathered a little reaction.

Our review of Domenico Losurdo on Hegel

This post is a review of Domenico Losurdo's important book Hegel and the German Catastrophe (Paris: Michel, 1994), posted on the email discussion group in 2011.